Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie review: Men In Black 3

Agent J( Will Smith) and agent K( Tommy Lee. Jones) are back in the 3rd installment of the popular sci-fi alien movie. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld this third installment brings the dysfunctional duo to protect the earth from evil alien scum.
The premise of the movie revolves around a nasty alien named Boris the animal, which have escaped from a prison cell  located on the moon. He has a penchant for wanting revenge on Agent K after Agent K thwarted his plan on annihilating  earth. In plotting his revenge, Boris goes back in time in the year 1969 to kill the younger version of Agent K. It is up to Agent J to stop the evil plans of Boris and stop him from destroying the world.
It's not always easy to do a movie involving time travel. In this movie, the concept of the story is relatively quite straightforward. Agent J needs to safe the world by travel in time to stop a certain cataclysmic event that can change the course of earth's history.
The obvious differences of this movie compared to the previous two is that this one  delves more on the relationship of the two agents and why Agent K is such a serious and aloof person. I think it's because of this the movie somehow losses it's fun and brazenness. It somewhat a tone down version of the Agent K and Agent J that I love so much on the previous movie. Just a few notch lower this time. I feel its more centered towards how both of the agents coexist within each other than the gun busting
Other than that, Josh Brolin did an excellent imitation of Agent K. From the mannerisms. They way he talks and facial expression, he did pretty darn good. Will Smith wasn't off the mark too considering the fact that the movie took quite a long time, 10 years from the last one that was made.
Overall, it was just an okay one for me. I wasn't feeling the MIB vibe in this one.

Movie rating: 7.0/10.0


FBS Headmaster said...

Haha when I saw the trailer, I've already lost interest with this movie. I havent watch it yet and is not planning to do so in the cinema, haha, waiting for the 'shared' copy.

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sully86 said...

daniel: it wasn't excellent nor a bad movie. It was just okay. ahahahha guess I am really a sucker for sci-fi movies....

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