Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Cookout 13.5.2012

Had this awesome cook out session at a friend's place during Mother's day. Her mum is cooking a Thai noodle dish for me  and my friend
Prepping the cabbage

Prepping the long beans

The crème de la crème,  the awesome soup.

The end result:
A delightful marriage of fresh finely chopped vegetables with the soft delicate texture of Thai noodles with thick creamy broth extracted from the pork bones simmered in a pot and merged into a bowl that delighted my palate and left me with a nice warm feeling in the stomach. *truestorycookwithamumslove*


Daniel Chiam said...

hoho shouldnt it be you guys cook for the mom? haha

sully86 said...

daniel: the soup for the noodle dish was cook before hand, the night before and when we want to help the cook ban us from doing so after offering help a lot of times.

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