Thursday, May 17, 2012

Movie Review: Dark Shadow

Based on the popular show which aired on ABC television network from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971. Dark Shadow stars Johny Depp as Barnabas Collins the son of a wealthy family from Liverpool, England, who with his family set sail to the  fishing port  of Maine, which was then the New World, North America- to expand their empire. The Collins family got very wealthy and was so successful that they named the fishing port Collinsport and build a manor for themselves,  called The Collinwood  Manor. Barnabas grew up to be a flirtatious playboy and in the process broke the heart of a witch which is also the family's servant, Angelique Bouchard. In a fit a jealously, she cursed Barnabas to be a vampire and puts a spell on Josette which forces her to jump of a cliff. She also convinces the towns-folks that he is a vampire. He is capture, chained up and buried in a coffin in the woods alive. After being accidentally release after almost two decades, Barnabas returns to Collinwood Manor to right the wrong.
I didn't expect anything much from this movie as I was not even born yet during the airing of the soap opera. So I didn't have any preconceived ideas or expectations when the film start rolling. Johnny Depp's  quirky sensibility always shines through and his character Barnabas is no exception. The movie itself is not campy in a way that will leave the audience feeling awkward
I heard that the original television soap show was a dark one. I am really glad that this version is a little light with  subtle jokes here and there to ease the seriousness. Maybe because of that, it took away a little bit of the dark, spookiness, and mysterious undertones of previous films directed by Tim Burton. I feel in this movie he could utilized further such elements to make the film more effective.
Overall, it's a good  watchable movie. As usual the standout actor in the movie is Johnny Depp.

Movie rating: 7.0/10.0


Daniel Chiam said...

I seriously have to find a time for this one.

sully86 said...

daniel: ahhaha you need to. It's Johnny Depp

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