Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad goalkeeper

Mr Goal Keeper. I think you need to quit your job now and get a better one. You suck and your are lazy as goalkeeper.


Darkbatman said...


sully86 said...

mr darkbatman: and if dia terkejut pun, saya rasa dia masih sempat tangkap kan bola tu? Nampak tak lajulah...

Mary said...

hi =D

non ending lolZ ..

what this video doing here , totally unexpected XD

here when my country player " U.A.E " thyab awana " shot a Penalty against the Lebanese team XD , it was funny thing .. no one expected him to do that XD

honestly , i don't know why it became a huge news lool , the problem is it was a Friendly match nothing more and nothing less XD

thank you for putting a laugh in my face and keep smile


sully86 said...

Mary: hello mary. The video was featured on youtube not long ago and also someone shared it with me on facebook, so I thought why not share it here on my blog. LoL

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