Sunday, July 24, 2011

You do not know about me.02

Okay if there is one thing you didn't know about me is that, I love to eat anything that is related to liver or intestines. I particularly love eating chicken liver.

*Pictures for illustration purposes only*

There  is something about chicken liver that I adore a lot. I think its the minerall taste quality to it or the coarse texture once it gets into your mouth. Or maybe its the fact that is simply cheap to eat.

 Oh yummy

 One of my favourite ways to eat chicken liver. Fried of course.

The Piece de Resistance!! Oui!!!!

I can't help it!!! Help me!!!!

how bout you? do you like eating liver?

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Mary said...

hi =D

well , to be honest i do eat liver

but not like or dislike just normal like other food =3

good for you .

most people don't know this but it's the richest source of Iron not Spinach.

but try not to eat a lot, it may be bad .

and i don't think putting raw liver Images at the start is a good idea lool.

anyway , keep smile


sully86 said...

Mary: thanks mary for the advice. When i do have cravings or I visit chicken rice shops then I will order them a lot. Other than that, its not on my daily menu.

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