Monday, July 11, 2011

good turn bad

My case study of things turn from good to bad today is none other than movie director/producer M. Night. Shyamalan.

I always admired movie directors that can give compelling stories for viewers to watched. When a viewer watches a movie theater, the movie should be able to imprint a long positive lasting impression on our emotions, and psyche. 

The turning point of his movie making career is when he directed the supernatural, jaw dropping, ending twisting The Sixth Sense. It was the start of other films to employ the twist ending technique( but most failed). It gave Haley Joel Osment an oscar nomination for Best actor in a supporting role.

More mind bending supernatural themed movies came after that, namely Unbreakable and Signs. It solidifies M. Night.Shyamalan as a bonafide movie director.

I even put him into my heart as one of my favourite movie directors of all time. I mean who does not like his mysterious, twisted ending in all the movies that he directs. I know I did.

When all things are that good, there must be a low point in a movie directors portfolio. I thought The Village was a mediocre movie. The twist ending at the movie is getting a tad to stale, but it was watchable nonetheless. The movie that I don't like the most was Lady in the water. The  movie was tacky, and cheesy
Sadly everything went even further into the drain as he came out again with another self conscious environmental movie about revenge seeking plants titled The Happening

The twist ending plots in his movies are getting old. He is not one of my favourite directors any more. Do something new Mr Shyamalan.
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