Saturday, July 30, 2011

Movie review: Captain America

It might be off putting to some, with the American sentiment that is in the movie. It looks like a recruiting advertisement for the army( that was my first impression of the movie).
Alright, so moving along, the story revolves around Steve Rogers as a sickly and frail New Yorker from Brooklyn. He has enlisted himself in army, but apparently  is rejected due to his shortcomings. Eventually, he was put onto an experiment, and at the end, he turned from  scrawny and frail from , to a super buff and super strong moments after he is injected with a serum. His aim is to defeat the Red Skull played by the awesome Hugo Weaving, who is hellbent on causing destruction and taking over the world.
The characters in the movie are enjoyable. I especially love Hugo Weaving interpretation of the villain  the Red Skull. He is super nasty in there. Who does not love Hugo Weaving as a baddie, right? ( I am going to kick your butt if you don't. As for Chris Evans, I feel he is a little bit stiff here and not as witty and comical as his previous foray being superheroes(think Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch) but its okay, he is a soldier, so he definitely needs to be serious all the time. 
Honestly, if you were to dissect this movie thoroughly, this movie has nothing new to offer in term of the story telling, its very predictable and straight forward. 
Don't be expected to be wow-ed or be amazed at the story? Is it a great movie, the answer is no. Is it a bad movie, not at all. Will I ask you to watch the movie, of course, because it is a fun movie to watch. It not entirely bad. It a watchable movie at the end of the day.
It seriously better as a popcorn movie.

Movie rating: 6/10

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