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Narrator: …when in fact this person who we are presenting considers himself a globetrotter, and also assures us that he can see the future and bring the dead back to life.

Fua Guy (0:15): You, you want to be a badass, but you try to sink others for yourself.

Fua Guy (0:25): This guy will live more years than you or me combined.

Fua Guy (0:31): I can’t do it, I can’t do it! But I’m going to take out the Fua! And I will take it out. Why? Because I have to give the extra FUA strong character. I go and I take it out.

Fua Guy (0:50): The FUA means when you extract the character/discipline from your stomach and you say, “I will do it". “But I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. How can you not? FUAFUA! And then I take out the charater and I take out the strength and power as well. That is the Fua.

Fua Guy (1:22): It doesn’t matter what you do or have, the most important thing is to give extra, the FUAFUAmeans to give extra. The, the thing that projects TO the universe, that’s what it is.

Fua Guy (1:56): When a person is dead and you’re told: “THAT’S IT, leave him he’s dead”…NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! FUAFUAFUA! and you will revive him. And WHEN that person is of service to society, that is when you give the FUA. When you do FUA, that is the real FUA.. 

Fua Guy (2:28): When you give Fua, that is the real Fua.

Narrator: These unusual situations are what goes on while you’re sleeping, and fortunately some of these stories end with nothing to lament.


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