Friday, July 15, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2

After 7 movies that span a decade, Harry Potter is back to finish the mission that he is asked to do, which is to destroy the hocruxes which is parts of Lord Voldermort and to kill him once and for all.
 No time is wasted here as the story starts from the moment the The Dark Lord steals the Elder wand from the deceased Dumbledore.( Part two continues from there)
The mood throughout the movie was somber and intensely dark. The once cheerful Hogwarts has turn to dark and gloom, as Lord Voldermort is relentless at pursuing his quest to kill Harry and whoever is getting on his way. Gone are the days of  Harry and friend's happier exploits and adventure during the earlier parts of the series. Now the landscape has changed and this is proven by the PG13 rating which the movie is given.
 Giving what was at stake, British director, David Yates manages to crank up a few more notches of dark, scary, intense, and despair in a very fluid manner throughout the whole movie. Thrown in, are the cleverly place jokes to lighten up the tense and somber moments. . His vision and his storytelling is so immense, you're going to be involve in the ups and downs of the character from the start to the finish. 
The cinematography of this movie is beautiful as well. All the camera sequences are shot in a way that it conveys the chaos that is happening around the movie. David Yates also did a good job and tying up the loose ends, just like what J.K. Rowling did in her books. David did really do justice to this last one. I am really happy with it.
In everything that is good in a movie, there is always some bad thing that will be going on. The most obvious of them all is how the those that stood by Harry got so little screen time. Hagrid is only seen at the very last portion of the movie. But the again after seven movie, who cares. We have seen them enough to know that its okay for them to have little screen time. The surprise package in the movie was Matt Lewis. Neville in all his shortcomings, has become a central part in this particular movie.
All in all, it was a totally satisfying movie. It really hit the right note for me in all aspect. A great way to end one of the most beloved story in literature.
All is indeed well.

P.S: I am not bias when reviewing this as I have read the books myself.

Movie rating: 9.5/10
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