Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Digi I-phone 4 Me: The tales of Sir Sullivan Adventure

Once upon a time in a land of Malaysia where all its citizen are Appleland loving people,
There was a seemingly ordinary boy named Sullivan who unwillingly becomes the chosen knight, to save I-phone 4 from the evil clutches of Anti-apple zoid, the leader of the Burgenland
He was chosen after a long discussion by the high council of Appleland as the rightful hero as he has the qualities to save I-phone 4 from Anti-apple zoid. It's because he is tech savvy, constantly updated with information and in need of a good smart phone.
 In order to become a hero for Appleland, he has to be knighted in order to be allowed in the chambers of weapons. From there he can have the choice of having the best weapon to defeat Anti-apple Zoid.
Not long after that, Sir Sullivan heads to the dangerous land of Burgenland to save the beloved I-phone 4.
He has to go through rough terrains, kills angry centaurs, and also swims across a vast river to get there.
After the long journey, he finally reached the lair of the evil one. The façade of the castle was old and dingy looking. All along the lawn of the castle was giant statues of Anti Apple Zoid with his tongue sticking out and eyeballs sticking out as if cut of from oxygen.
He is now at the centre of the court yard, when suddenly a dark figure was walking down the grand staircase. A booming voice echoed through the castle walls.

“So you are the hero everyone is talking about!’, the dark figured spoke as he walk down the stone staircase.

“Yes, I am”, says Sir Sullivan without fear.

“Hahahahahaha, they didn’t call me Anti-Apple Zoid for nothing”, he chuckled.

“It’s your hate for I-phone and other Apple citizen that irks me. Can’t we co-exist with each other?!?”, shouts Sir Sullivan

“NEVER! I shall kill them all!”, wails Anti-Apple droid.

In minutes of saying that, Sir Sullivan heard a scream billowing from a room somewhere in the castle.

Sullivan says," It's okay I-phone 4. Once I defeat this hideous
creature we shall be together".

Anti-apple Zoid," it your dreams, who do you think you are?". Anti-Apple Zoid taunts Sir Sullivan.

Without warning anti apple zoid beams a dangerous yellow
Laser beam toward  Sir Sullivan.

Sir Sullivan cartwheel to the left into safety and keys in a
new application from an old iphone of his. The google search engine pop up and he type in this few words  

-how to kill an anti-apple zoid.-

After a few second, the old I-phone screen flickered with
thousands of web queries.

"I got it"-shouts Sir Sullivan.

Anti-apple droid release another laser beam towards Sir Sully.
Sir Sully manages to dodged the laser beam-just at the nick of time. He points his old
 I-phone towards Anti-apple droid.

A familiar voice was emitted from the I-phone's speaker.

Anti-apple droid grimaces in agony. His scream echoes in the hall way.

He is starting to peel. Green foam starts flowing from his mouth.
The skin has melt into a gooey starchy

"Nooooooooooo!!! What have you done!! How do you know?-says Anti-Apple droid.

"Well?!!? It's the amazing capabilities of the
I-phone that I manage to find your weakness-
It’s Steve Job's voice that kills you”, says Sir Sullivan with beaming smile” and now who is the idiot".

"ARgghhhh!!! We shall meet again Sir Sullivan- you mark my words!!!!” screams Anti-Apple android.

What was left of Anti-apple android was a green blob at the place he stood.

Everything was quiet. Sir Sullivan remembered what he was there for. He shouted I-phone name.

“ I am here! Get me out of here” shouts I-phone 4.

“okay hold on”, says Sir Sullivan.

He blasted the locks of the room. 

“You are my hero Sir Sullivan, you are the reason why I
should be your tech companion” a relief I-phone4 says.

It was the longest hug ever. They never look back after this incident.

They live happily ever after.

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