Sunday, September 5, 2010

it's a creepy relationship

virtual girlfriends(

"Look, it's like I'm in a snapshot with her," said Shu Watanabe, 23

truth to be told: He is really in delusion 

The secret is that the dating game goes a step beyond the genre's usual boy-meets-girl script and asks players to build long-term relationships.

truth to be told: OMIGOSH!!!! WAKE UP!! i thought that is kinda sad excuse to make. I guess what these people are, is really  commitment phobic people.

"With earlier love simulation games, we only scored girls, as bad as that sounds, and that was it," said Naoyuki Sakazaki, aged in his 40s, after taking iPhone shots before the bronze statue in Atami.

truth to be told: that is really bad. I mean no matter how you try to sugar coat is still bad

"The virtual girls can kiss you as a way of communication, but nothing happens when she sleeps next to you at the hotel," he said. "We have no intention of trying to sell a product with pornographic elements

truth to be told: it is like saying it the real world if you do bring a girl for a fling and bring her to the hotel bad...nothing integrity what so ever

in conclusion: 

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