Thursday, September 9, 2010

the pacific, some papa john's and a gaga celebration

I was browsing through the channel Sunday night and I remembered there was this one Emmy nominated series called the Pacific. I was like, " I gotta see this then".
I was totally like blown away at the length the producer and the director of the miniseries goes into making it. It was equally if not better then my all time favorite war movie, Saving Private Ryan.

More on The Pacific, click : All about The Pacific 

The trailer:

and about two weeks ago, I had this voucher from Papa Johns. Anyways its a new pizza restaurant located Jusco next to Tesco. It was actually  with a classmate of mine Here are some pictures.
the condiments 
since the voucher is for the Super Papa, we order the chicken topping one

2 people + 4 pieces each = seriously happy people + bloated tummies

I give a lot of pluses for the thin crust as it was throughly cook, not like Pizza Hut's. Other than that it tasted like any pizza  out there. Not sure if I will dine there again. 

RM 14.95( 50 PERCENT OFF) + RM6.00(two iced drinks) + RM3.10 (service tax+ tax)

for a grand total of:
RM 24.10

and lastly 

A Gaga celebration....

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