Saturday, May 7, 2011

coming back one round circle

Heavy school bags were one of the issues in the late 90s. (and the issue never seems to go away)
There was the issue of abolition of UPSR examinations and it cause quite a ruckus

The education ministry went back and forth with the issue of what should be the main language use in teaching the main subjects such as maths and sciences subject in school. It's never ending, and I am so glad I didn't have to suffer like this. They ought to pity those school kids.

I think I have the solution:
Why not make English the main subject in schools across Malaysia, but make the Malay Language a compulsory subject to pass( for example to get a school leaving certificate you need to get at least 60 marks or higher) or else there is not way your going to graduate from High school. It's killing to birds in one stone. We will get super highly awesome students who are highly proficient in the English language, while the learning and usage of the Malay Language is still uphold. No/yes?.
For goodness sake, I think its high time the government channel some good amount of money to train and developed well skilled teachers and also pay them higher salary. Mr Prime Minister. Can you give them some pity?

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