Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rempits now sikals

Mat rempit
-a local Malaysian slang given to a group of teenage boys who like to race illegally and dangerously at the streets during the night.

This is an issue that is in the hearts of many Malaysians since ages ago, and now it looks like this activity has taken into another shape and form, with is not called Mat Sikal( sikal from the word basikal in the Malay language which means bicycle)

taken from the Star newspaper.

First Mat Rempit, now Mat Sikal

MALACCA: They are young, ride 50kph on souped-up bicycles in groups and sometimes take part in races around the city on weekends for fun.

Taking a leaf from their more destructive cousins' the Mat Rempit, these teenage boys call themselves Mat Sikal.

A check by The Star yesterday showed that about 20 boys, with nicknames like Harges, KL Ties and Homage, were showing off their cycling skills in Jalan Penghulu Abas near the Malacca Court Complex in Ayer Keroh, Batu Berendam and Jonker Street.

Their antics caught the attention of many as they cycled at high speed on their altered racing bicycles with LED lights.

Some had loud horns to alert oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

Riding for a fall?: A group of midnight cyclists riding around Kota Laksamana in Malacca on Saturday night.

One member of the midnight cyclists, who wanted to be known only as Rahman, said most of them were still in school.

“We usually gather on weekends as we can stay up until the early hours of the morning.

“We cycle around the city in groups and sometimes we organise races among ourselves,” he said, adding that unlike Mat Rempit, they were not into criminal activities.

Rahman said most of the group members altered their bicycles by changing to lighter frames.

He said the drop handlebars were also positioned lower than the saddles so as to give the riders an aerodynamic posture.

“The wheels are changed, using smaller tyres to give the bike easy handling and to enable the rider to pedal at his optimum strength,” he said.

Rahman said the modified bicycles could attain a speed of about

Members, he said, would save up on their pocket money to finance their hobby.

He said the races were organised between groups from different areas like Batu Berendam, Klebang and Semabok.

“We do it for fun,” said Rahman. “There are no prizes.”

Rahman admitted there were a few who aped Mat Rempit stunts such as the wheelie' and superman' during races.

He said the boys were mostly well-behaved and avoided being a public nuisance.

Our parents don't mind when we stay up late as we are not involved in any criminal activity.”

Two things I don' agree is that the speed and in which the kids told the journalist that their parents don't mind them staying up late because they are not involved in any criminal activities. that is stupid on the parent's part because they are kids and why are the kids staying up so late to cycle/race dangerously at that kind of speed.
Parents, why on earth are you letting your kids do those things when you know they are a million other things which is more beneficial like playing soccer, going camping etc. I called this being idiotic and the highest level.  
what do you thing fellow blog readers of mine?


Anonymous said...

atuk nenek dulu ska naik basikal tua mlm2..itu termasuk kategori ini tak? kah kah..

sully86 said...

zoey: dulu zaman nenek datuk kita org tak seganas sekarang. Dulu cool and bukan nak berlumba semata-mata. Hanya sekadar berlumba-lumba untuk cinta ada lah..wakakakakaka

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