Thursday, May 26, 2011

movie review: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

this fourth installment see Captain Jack Sparrow on a mission to find the Fountain of Youth with Angelica ( the past flame) and also the intimidating Blackbeard.
To be honest, it was quite a tiresome movie to watch, full of unnecessary plots( zombies and mermaids character). Quite a self indulgence movie, in other words, it was made for the sake of making more money and in turn ignoring what is fun on the previous installments. I even find Captain Jake Sparrow less energetic and free will as before and Angelica is such a pain in the ass.
So please ditch the movie, for that amount of time I could have waited and watched something else more fun. A good movie is when you come out from the cinema thinking/analising/having a conversation or having a big smile because you had fun or feeling that you are invested in the story. This movie didn't do anything for me. It plain and nothing to shout about!!

Movie rating: 4/10


Daniel Chiam said...

4/10, that's too harsh... haha and like i said i didnt trick you XD

it was funny and all but it just doesnt live up to expectation. the plot was too simple and no epic-ness in it.

you have to give credits to the cinematography and music score, haha

sully86 said...

daniel: i am not being harsh. I am being honest. I feel flat and not excited at all throughout the whole movie. The jokes were flat and stale as hell and like you say the plot was too simple and nothing new it it. The 4 i am giving is to Johnny Depp actually because he is still awesome in it

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