Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's not your seat ma'am

You bought a ticket for a domestic bus trip home. Your given a designated seat and as the bus comes and your board the bus and try to get your seat as fast and possible, and as your reach there is this awesome aunty with her kid seating beside her saying this to me.

"Tak apalah, duduk mana-mana" ( it's okay, just seat anywhere)

and as I was trying to comprehend what just happen the bus conductor said the same thing:

"tak ape lah, duduk mana-mana je" (it's okay, just seat anywhere)

might as well don't print out the seat numbers
It's like having a library without the books. Damn stupid.

bad example for the kid
Your teaching younger generation it's okay to take the place of others. That is its okay for being ignorant. 

it's coveting what is not your
if the space/seat/property/wife/husband etc is not yours, ITS NOT YOURS!!

she is lucky she was in a bus, I was tired and she had a kid with her.

Those who travel in buses often, what is your take on this?
would I be a jerk if I insisted and making a fuss out of it.


Volvoxx said...

If I had bought a single seat and this had happened, I WOULD definitely made a fuss bout it...especially if all the other single seats are taken. I've had bad experience of being taken advantage of, while sharing a double seat with a guy.

If the seat I had bought was double seat, and someone did this to me, and if there were worse seats left for me to take, I'd still prolly make a fuss. If the other seats still available are okay...then I'd prolly just sit down and be on my merry way home.

It's downright annoying, I agree with you. Worst is when the number printed doesn't reflect any number on the bus..this happens while taking the double decker transnational busses Mlk-KL route. Most of the times I'd just quickly hop onto the bus and grab a comfortable seat as quickly as I can.

sully86 said...

there was okay seats left for me. What worries me is how the child is taught that it is okay to get/seat on other people's designated seat.
that it is good encroach a person's space. that was why i was disappointed and also disgusted by the aunty's high level of ignorance.

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