Sunday, May 22, 2011

55 years later, the bombing

Last Friday was the 55 aniversary of the atomic hydrogen bombings at the Pacific Atoll region. Here are some archive pictures.

(photoquest/getty images)
(J.R Eyerman/Time and Life)
(Time Life Pictures/ Time and Life)
(AFP/ Getty Images)
(AFP/Getty Images)
(Time Life Picture/Time and Life Pictures/Getty Images)
(Fritz Goro/Time and Life Pictures/Getty Images)

(Atomic Energy Commission/Time and Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Atomic bombs and such did stop the invasion of the Japanese. Some says it keeps peace? But at the expense of innocent lives?I don't think so!!!.

What do you think of war and atomic bombs in general? Tell me at the comment section below.

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Daniel Chiam said...

First of all, I do not agree with war as its only an act to serve a stupid purpose of a sort called leader/voice of the nation.

Atomic bomb, what happened... happened... nothing can be changed but if something like that was to happened again, I prefer to die first rather than have to think what to write about it.

as long as there are idiots... world peace is just a never ending expectation.

sully86 said...

well when an organization craves power this is what happen. A scary perspective in the future and everyone strives to out muscle each other in power.

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