Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The year that was in music 2011

Jessie J featuring  B.O.B

The song celebrates life and liberation by singing about how money is not always important in life. This easy breezy song makes the list of the Year that was in music 2011

Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song

Who doesn't feel lazy at times. This tune epitomizes laziness to a whole new level, with a video that holds no reservation when it comes to expressing the action.

Adele- Rolling in the deep

This thumping, soul churning single deserves a mention here because it a song that will stir the emotions inside of you.

Maroon Five- Moves Like Jagger

its fast and its furious. This single will jive and swivel like Sir Mick.

Gym Class Heroes-feat Adam Levine- Stereo Hearts

Another single featuring Adam Levine. This time he is pairing up with the cool peeps from Gym Class Heroes. Rendering this radio friendly hit bout pouring his heart out like a stereo oh-oh. It's a hip song

There is a mysterious air about the lyrics, but whichever way you try to interpret the meaning behind the song, there is not doubt the synthesizer beats and the wishy washy harmonization makes this a rollover your car window, drive the car along the highway kinda song.

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I might have leave out other awesome songs for 2011. Share to me in the comment section on what will your list will be...

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Au and Target said...

Money is not important until you don't have enough. I guess millionaire singers forget about that :-)

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