Thursday, December 15, 2011

dirty horror stories

This is what girls or boys will face in the dormitories in Malaysia Higher institution. I don't stay in dorms, but I rent a house once with guys as housemates. This is our horror stories.

Horror stories taken from a Facebook status from a friend of mine, as follows: 

  • wonder how some girls in this dorm can be so dirty & lazy - leaving solid food waste in the sink, not washing the oil stain they leave on the tap/sink, soaking clothes for days in the bathroom until it stinks, not flushing the toilet after using, basically not cleaning up after themselves. at home like that also kah? muka jak cantek( the face is pretty), hygiene fail -_-"

horrific replies from her friends:
  • oh... n her seluar dalam kotor she would just leave it on top of her bed... mok nangis jd roomate nya aih...

(Oh and she would just leave her dirty underwear on top of her bed, If I were her roommate I would be crying)

  • bed sheet ok..there was this one time i visit my friend..her period pad masih kt atas katil..period pad yg da pake ehhh... OMG! 13 tahun ku diam asrama...belum gik ku jumpa org seceridak ya...

( Bed sheet okay..there was this one time I visit my friend..her period pad was still on the bed...the pad that she had used..OMG! I have stayed in the dorm for 13 years..I never met anyone as disgusting as that)

I got horror stories of my own too:

  • I got housemates that left plates onto the sink without washing them. I had the stinking job of washing it for them, when after I ate, even though I do not need to.

  • They don't clean up those food items that are long over due, inside the fridge( causing the refrigerator to stink)- I have the awesome job of clearing it up for them- AGAIN!!!!.
There is one thing I am weak at which is to clear rubbish/ clutter around the house. But common sense tells me to move my ass and take a few hours to clean it even when you mind and body tells you not to because your tired/lazy. Its your own health and also the well being of your other tenants. Just imagine what visitors will think of you when you are that messy and disgusting with your uncleanliness.

So readers. Is there any dirty horror stories when you were staying in a dorm/house with another group of people??


JessicaMae. said...

I hope i never have to go through that :/

sully86 said...

jessica: are you sure? ahahahah

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