Monday, December 19, 2011

the mixtapes

I remembered when I was little, my mum had the love for mixtapes. If you don't know what a mixtape is, an empty cassette is brought into a music store back then. If there is a list of songs you have preference for, you can write it down on a list and have the music store owner, record the songs in the cassette tape for the whole duration that cassette can hold( or how many songs you fancy in one).

here is a picture of a cassette for a mixtape

so for example, you can compile a list of songs such as below:
1) Bee gees: Staying alive
2) Gloria Gaynor: I will survive
3) The carpenters: Yesterday once more
4) Frank Sinatra: I did it my way
5) Abba: Waterloo

and pass in on to the guy and the music store and get them to mix/record  the songs in the tape for you.

Cool huh, there were no compact disc. There were no personal computers with a compact disc burner to burn songs into the disc. There were not digital music players back then.

The sweet nostalgic memories are flooding back now as I am writing this.....

*are you born in the mixtape era? If you are please share your stories about mixtapes.

More on what mixtapes are, visit:

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