Monday, December 26, 2011

the year that was in Youtube 2011

Best of the best youtube videos of the past 12 months

Best Advertising video

Best Public Service Announcement video

Best Sports Video

Best animal related videos

Best Kid/ Baby related videos

Best Nature Video

Best accident related videos

Best blooper/Blunder/Fail videos

Best improvisational videos

Tell  me what you think? Are there any favorite of yours that should be listed here? Comment below


Mark Wiens said...

Some great videos, really funny stuff! Thanks for rounding them up!

sully86 said...

mark wiens: hey mark. thanks for coming by. Had a blast going through your website. The contents of it is very "delicious". LoL.
I am glad you like these videos.Youtube is awesome!!

Daniel Chiam said...

my fav is still the last one 'say something nice'. it really amazed me that how indifferent we are as people but we all do have something nice to say to one another.

Tho the biggest shaving is awesome, haha.

sully86 said...

daniel: was a simple improv but powerful and encouraging. I love it too..and yes..the shaving one is super duper awesome too...the amount of time they took must be enormous...

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