Wednesday, December 21, 2011

when i saw MI4 ghost protocol

You know when I was watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol this afternoon,  I have to admit, I was anticipating for the Burj Khalifa scene where Agent Ethan Hunt clings onto the facade window to get up to some floors up above. So they have to go to Dubai after an awful even that took place in Kremlin Russia.
So there was this camera shot, an aerial shot to be exact of the desert and the camels. It swoop across and it was dry and humid as you might expect from a desert country and minutes after that, Burj Khalifa emerges from the glaring sun up ahead.
No long after that scene, it got me thinking? How on earth did a desert place became an oasis for a very short period of time. How for example you get to nourish the land so dry and make it hospitable. How do buildings get build so fast in such a short period of time. Then, I remembered this one article, and after giving it much thought, it got much clearer that Dubai is seriously hiding some sh**t.

Here is the article:

whether the author is bias or not, you got to admit, Dubai is seriously moving to fast for its economy. Something is fishy here.

wonder how vegas  is

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