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The year that was in movies 2011

Best animated feature:
A colorful and vibrant film, set upon the beautiful country of Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil. This animated full length adventure gets the thumbs up from me and is on this list because it cleverly incorporates all the necessary elements needed to make something that the movie goers would like, good music, great humor and  most important off all, a heartwarming story.

Ramdomdotfm movie review:

Kung Fu Panda
The panda is back and he does not disappoints. The laughs just kept coming and coming and you. Apparently, Po's long time arch enemy is the stairs. LoL.

The adventure of Tin Tin
Gorgeously done. Herge comic is brought to live the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson- two of the most creative forces in the movie making industry. A must see!!
Randomdotfm movie review:

Best heist/caper movie
Fast five
The movie drove away from its previous plot which is fast cars and more fast cars with an introduction of money heist plot. The fun part of the movie was the big set piece involving a rampaging vault  that ran havoc through the busy town of rio. (watch the movie if you want to know more about it)

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Best comedy
The Hangover 2
The rat pack is on the prowl again for trouble and this time that trouble comes in the city of Bangkok. Watched as the gang snake their way out of trouble and into another. It's just a feel good and fun movie to see with your buddies.

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Best fantasy adventure film
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
My verdict? It was and amazing and satisfying end to one of the most beloved literature work in human history.

Best superhero film
When I first heard about this movie in its preproduction stage, I was so afraid that it is going to be another fight between good vs evil and how the mutants have a hard time coexisting with the human race. This movie is totally the opposite as it explain exactly how Professor X and Magneto became arch enemies because of their different philosophy in using ther mutant powers. I can really relate to this movie as we ourselves struggle when we attain power.

Randomdotfm movie review:

Captain America
 Simple story of an American boy wanting to contribute to society and got his which as he was enlisted in a special unit of the army. He turned into this buff superhero called Captain America. Hugo Weaving is superbly menacing at the villain Red Skull.

Randomdotfm movie review:

Not so there yet films
It could went downhill, but this movie is nevertheless fun too watch. I felt that the ending finish abruptly and could be better. Maybe better the next time?

Randomdotfm movie review:

Worst movie of 2011
Uninspiring, with a senseless plot and storyline. This movie proves that Michael Bay is a professional pyrotechnics specialist than a movie director. He tries so hard to entertain but when you take your time to dissect the movie, its just full of relentless blowups and action sequence that a plausible story (which was left on the curb). Sorry, I am not fool this time. 

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JessicaMae. said...

Totally agreeing with you on Transformers. It was the first movie that ever made me fall asleep in the cinema! It was weird because i could never fall asleep in public.

sully86 said...

jessica: i watched the bootleg version of it. The first was okay..story and action was balanced. When the second came out, it went downhill from there.

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